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CD review: "Blues Matters" (London) maj 2008

Ladies Sing the Blues - "Uh, Oh, Yeah!"

Denmark sings the Blues, and does a fine job. Put together in 2001 by the board of the Copenhagen Blues Festival, to encourage more women on the local blues scene, the band has become an established act.
This album is full of fairly light, foot tapping smile on yer-face numbers. About half are selfpenned and, with titles like "Cold Pizza & Warm Beer" and " Have You Tried It In The Bush" you know it should be fun.
There is a good balance maintained by some very credible covers, which include Etta James' "Somethings Got A Hold On Me", Willie Dixon's "I love The Life I live" and Marva Wright's "Let's make love".
A six-piece band fronted by three powerful female vocalists, who individually provide some excellent solo performances and together beautiful harmonies. The three accomplished male musicians are never overly intrusive and provide a tight, easy sounding, laidback feel that compliments the vocalls well. The normal keyboards, drums and bass are joined on a couple of tracks by a guest guitarist who helps to maintain the freshness.
(Thomas Rankin)

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